Be, Become, Belong





Welcome to LiveJOY!

LiveJOY is a space to explore the Journey Of You.

Many of us are craving more meaningful conversations, and we know connections create meaning. Our focus is about expanding ourselves in connection with others, so that we can live more JOY.

This is where joy spreads!

"I feel such gratitude for you all and for myself for finding this community! I appreciate you all and I’m grateful to continue these juicy conversations."  KY

LiveJOY Offerings:

LiveJOY Community: Our free online community of juicy resources to fill your cup and create more joy.

LiveJOY Connection: A group to explore connection through juicy conversation that literally changes lives.

LiveJOY Change: A four-week group and 1-1 coaching that explores our experience of life transitions and change.

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In Our LiveJOY Community...

We question. We notice. We ponder. We are not afraid of the unknown. 

We know there is nothing to fix. We are not afraid to feel. 

We learn to allow feelings to be felt and shared. 

We know the power of being with the hard and heavy.

We know being with both sorrow and joy expands our wholeness.

We believe we have the answers to our questions within. 

 We create space to listen. 

We listen to our nudges and inclinations. We listen to our longings. 

We listen to the kind voice within and allow it to guide us.

We step into our own power. We tap into our own wisdom. We learn we are okay.

We celebrate the current beauty in our lives. We see possibilities everywhere.

"There is something magical about the transformation that's possible when you're held in a non-judgmental, supportive community." CW

LiveJOY Community Hosts

Katherine Haghighi

When people recognize that they can unlock their potential in every changing moment to become who they were meant to be, their path brightens. Mine has too. 

Through exploring the realities of life, death, and everything in between, I have come to see that we can pause in even the craziest of circumstances and realize who we are in one moment and look towards who we are becoming in the next. Each of us has the ability to lift the veil enough to see that within our grasp is a beautiful life built on all the moments that so often get overlooked. 

Much of my experience is based on 15 years of working in hospice care with adults and children, as well as the professionals who served them. Whether living at home, a hospice or nursing facility, or the hospital, their hopes, dreams, worries and fear created the wisdom about life they shared. My passion is to pass that on. 

Susan Merz Anderson

It is a true joy and delight to see what happens when we truly listen to our longings and wisdom, especially during the tough times. I have had the privilege of coaching people who are taking space to grow through what they go through.

My curiosity and love for humanity initially led me to earn a Bachelor’s in Psychology and over twenty years ago I became a Professional Certified Coach. My powerful experience of being supported through this beautiful life, has ignited my passion to create space for others during these times of change. 

When we create space to show up, get curious and be with it all, things begin to shift and flow and that’s a conversation I love being part of.

"This loving space allows my big beautiful heart to come out to play more often." GK 

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